Engineering Services

Phoenix Race Works (PRW) has the capabilities to take your idea from conception and bring it to reality. Coupling advanced engineering capabilities with real word fabrication expertise, PRW can be your source for high quality mechanical and design engineering services.

user5516_pic383_1231659280.jpgPRW’s engineers utilize the latest in 3D modeling and analysis software. Every aspect of car design, from individual components to whole car assemblies can be examined in a virtual world before testing at the race track.

user5516_pic385_1231659340.jpgComputational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) allows PRW engineers to develop aerodynamic designs in a virtual wind tunnel. PRW’s engineering staff can analyze everything from wing elements all the way up to the entire rolling car. CFD technology was used extensively while designing the new F1k.10 racecar allowing us to set new Phoenix International Raceway and Willow Springs track records.



Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is used to stress test components and assemblies. PRW tests endless parts and assemblies, reworking their design until the best compromise between lightness and stiffness are reached. Virtual crash testing can also be completed. FEA analysis was used to scrutinize various parts on the F1k.10 including the entire chassis to produce a safe yet precise, structurally rigid platform.


“These technologies, coupled with vehicle dynamics software, let us virtually drive the car long before we start cutting steel. We are hungry to apply our knowledge and technical skills to customer projects on any level.”

-Dustin Wright, Chief Designer, Phoenix Race Works

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